Farm News

~ 2018 News ~

February 22, It's a buck/wether year!

February 16, Kidding started!

January 12, Herd tested negative for CAE!

January 10, Pregnacy test results in.  All bred does but one tested positive for preganancy!

January 09, Herd tested negative for Johne's Disease!

January 5, Blood samples drawn and sent off for pregnancy testing, CAE testing, & Johnes Disease testing
~ 2017 News ~

March 7th, Whole heard tested negative for
CAE & Johne's Disease.
(Test results are available upon request)

June 19th, Participated in Linear Appraisal

July 10th, Swapped a 2017 doeling

Arctic Light's Last Wild Night

August, Became members of the

Miniature Dairy Goat Association

October,  Swapped
Rising Echos LB MR Sandman (buck)
Poppy Patch Devil Wears Prada (doe)

Bucks were put with does on September 17th
and removed on November 27, 2017.